2020-06-293 min read

Neuroscience Deep Dive

I chose Neuroscience as my second topic of my Deep Dive experiment. At university I had studied a Bachelor os Science, majoring in Neuroscience. When I finished my studies, I took a job opportunity completely outside of my field of study.

I had always loved learning about neuroscience, but had never really found a more focused area that I was interested in focusing a career around.

I also had my hesitations about doing wet lab science work, and wanted to look into more theoretical options in the field. This is the angle that I entered my Deep Dive with.

Over the week, I did the following:

  • Experimented with an Online Computational Neuroscience course
  • Researched into postgraduate options
  • Explored new neuroscience fields online
  • Worked through a neuroscience textbook
  • Spoke with neuroscientists and postgrad students
  • Read research papers and neuroscience articles

Some resources that were useful: