2020-06-292 min read

Programming Deep Dive

This is the first week of my Deep Dive projects. I chose programming because I had gained some notable experience with it in my previous job. I had worked at a startup, and so half of my job had been centred around programming when I wasn't managing logistics.

I knew I enjoyed programming, but I wanted to spend a week completely focused on the area. Working on topics and projects of my own choosing, finding new resources, and speak to people in the industry to get a sense of what a full time job in this space would be like.

For those interested in my experience, I had about two years of prior knowledge - focused mainly on JavaScript/Typescript, HTML/CSS, NodeJS, and AWS.

Over the week, I did the following:

  • Built the majority of this GatsbyJS Blog
  • Completed two weeks of the CS50 course
  • Spoke to several developers in the industry
  • Experimented with AWS Amplify and AWS IAM
  • Researched into Freelancing
  • Found many great coding resources (listed below)

Great Resources I found: